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A Govt. of India Recognised Star Export House

Steefo Engineering Corporation is one of ....the leading

Consultants, Manufacturers and Exporters of Steel Plants specializing in executing projects on turnkey basis.


Section Rolling Mill

Our section metal rolling mill gadget is a product of heating furnace, rolling machine, cooling bed, steel straightening system, packing machine, and many others. It integrates the electric, hydraulic, and lubrication era. And you could set it to guide and automatic control mode. Our system is designed to produce undeniable carbon steel consisting of perspective metallic, channel metallic and formed metallic, and so on. What's more, the optimized layout is offered in keeping with clients' necessities and specific conditions. The company aims in providing high-quality products for the complete satisfaction of clients.

Rolling turbines are facilities that perform a sequence of approaches, including rolling the billets, blooms, slab and beam blanks – extracted from the reheating furnace – into the prescribed size and correcting any bending, slicing them into giving lengths, then piling or bundling as needed for shipment. The rolling turbines offered through STEEFO ENGINEERING CORPORATION, with its rich track report of imparting steelmakers, can meet stressful requirements in phases of manufacturing efficiency and product precision.

Section Rolling Mill Design & Layout

STEEFO ENGINEERING CORPORATION makes the complete design of the section mill to meet customer’s manufacturing requirement. The mill composition is made such that manufacturing program can be done with the minimum labor & with less fee of production. Steefo makes the plant layout to report the patron’s land profile. All essential auxiliaries are also precise by the company.

The company offers its great products in several different countries that include Bangladesh, Mali, Ghana, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Qatar, Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya, Mauritius, Zimbabwe,Angola, D. R. of Congo, Ethiopia, and Sri Lanka among others.


STEEFO ENGINEERING CORPORATION Mill stand has a compact and easy layout to ensure quick roll, alternate, easy renovation and to keep away from primary down time. Heavy responsibility Housing can be steel fabricated duly strain relieved with single lubrication point is for all mill bearings and wear-out liner for smartening up the life of the mill stand.

Mill equipment

Section Rolling Mill equipment are of the special layout to permit a brief roll placing & roll changing. STEEFO ENGINEERING CORPORATION presents roll groove designs, complete drawings, rolling manipulate charts and so forth.


  • 15% power saving for slit sizes, since the move section area rolled is in a couple of  strands.
  • Gas saving, because the furnace discharge temperature can be decreased via 40degree Celsius, as the speed of rolling in roughing & intermediate stands is higher, the material gets heated in the course of rolling.
Rolling Mills for Sections